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Everyone has a drama in their mind that they dream of.
And I always want a twist for a dramatic life.
DM.Cell is a Koshu Medical brand for those who dream of a twist.
Based on research on organic ingredients grown directly, the absorption rate of active ingredients on the skin is increased.
It provides immediate and dramatic clinical effects.

Specialized in problematic skin

DM.Cell increases the absorption rate of natural ingredients by fermenting organic ingredients twice, and uses natural preservatives to deliver the effects of the active ingredients to the skin.
In addition, continuous efforts by professional Cosmetics researchers and biotechnology researchers are continuing to find effective ingredients that have not yet been identified, and they are writing a new history of the Kosch Medical brand by developing a patent ingredient named BNP.
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Master class of LABas that!

DM.Cell operates an organic farm for its own raw material production.

It is an unrivaled ingredient that is grown organically with only DM.Cell technology and used only in DM.Cell factories.

Natural plants are purified and fermented at a pure concentration of 100 percent to be used as skin-reinforced materials.


Derma Brightening
Complex Starter Kit
Derma Brightening
Complex Starter Kit
EGF Skin Renewal Cream


Instant skin soothing solution.

Aloe Skin Unhandler.

It contains aloe, EGF, FGF, and IGF exclusively for dermatology and aesthetic soothing.

The 100% purified chamomile solution and liposomated aloe containing

DMcell's patented substance It provides immediate soothing to the skin.

It strengthens the collagen layer.

DM.Cell is trying to protect moisture.

Unlike ordinary collagen, DMcell's collagen has small particles, making it easy to penetrate and absorb into human tissues.

It is easily fused with skin tissue to help the skin's stable activity, promoting the synthesis of elastin tissue and collagen fibers,

increasing skin elasticity. It also brightens the reddening face and the shadows around the eyes (dark circles),

It restores damaged skin by sunlight and laser rays.

DMcell's fish collagen complex has smaller particles than ordinary collagen and

is easily penetrated into the skin so that it can be fused to the table.

This is a raw material that has improved the composition and completed

the patent application for the invention (Application No. 10-2018-0122213).




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